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MOVments: Ruffled Civic Feathers

MOVments: current events in Vancouver by the Museum of Vancouver

We’ve been noticing an insurgence in activism across the city recently. Between resistance to the Endbridge pipeline, opposition to bill C-30, we’re wondering if Vancouverites are getting a little more riled up than usual? If so, we think it’s a riveting quality. This week’s MOVments reflect your inner-activist’s voice, and some neat public art!

Hand Vote from Vancouver Art GalleryAccording to Ontario, a three-bedroom house in Vancouver can be rented for a mere $621/month! Thankfully Vancouver’s Seth Klein and the CCPA are around to give Canadians the real facts on poverty and livability in the city. Interestingly, Metro Vancouver is hosting a “Sustainability Community Breakfast” on affordable housing next week as part of their series. Soon, you may actually need these “food for thought” breakfasts, considering the outlook of the recently released provincial budget.

If you’re a tweeter, you’ve probably been following the hashtag #TellVicEverything with much laughter over the last week. Smiles aside, Bill C-30 is a serious issue that has a lot of Canadians up in arms.

A new art installation on the theme of democracy is now set up outside the Vancouver Art Gallery. It’s called Hand Vote, and it gets our vote.

Equally outspoken is this temporary urban garden from Spain. The posting is a few months old, but quite beautiful and reminds us that tonight, the Re:Generation public dialogue continues on the theme of sustainability and Zero Waste. January’s talk on transit was really engaging and Wednesday’s talk is likely to impress!

A new radio show titled The City is now airing on UBC’s community radio station, CiTR. The City will look at urban issues ranging from housing policy to food security.

Lastly, our favourite cycling magazine, Momentum, is hiring an online editor!

At the MOVeum: Food, Energy, and Community Resiliency talk February 28th

[Photo Rachel Topham, Vancouver Art Gallery] ]]]]

Velo-City concert series at MOV this weekend

Our Velo-City exhibit is now in its final days, but it’s not going away quietly… This weekend we’re playing host to two bicycle-inspired music events. The first is a concert by The Receptionists, the self-described “bike-courier band from Van city.” Their frontman is Toby Alford, whose portrait and fixie bike are featured in the exhibit. (To the uninitiated: a fixie bike is one without gears and brakes. The ride is somewhat comparable to that of a skateboard’s—and just as unforgiving). For a preview of the set list, listen in on their MySpace page, linked here. The concert happens at the Museum this Friday (August 28); doors open at 8 p.m. Bonus: it’s half-price night, so tickets go for $5.50; click here to buy them now.

The next day, MOV and Momentum magazine host the last Vancouver stop on the simply named, and rather ’70s-inspired, Bicycle Music Festival. This is the last leg of the San Francisco-based festival’s west coast tour. There are nine bands and performers in the lineup, and everyone shares a pedal-powered sound system (pictured above) that’s transported by a bicycle-hauled trailer from place to place. Admission to the festival is free, and there’s a beer garden and food available for purchase. See Momentum’s Facebook page linked here for more info on the festival’s other Vancouver tour stops, and a complete list of performers. Our event gets underway here at 5 p.m. and winds down around 10 p.m. Velo-City will be kept open late that night, and all festival goers receive 50% off admission upon showing their bike helmet at Visitor Services. So, deals to be had, music to heard… We hope you can swing by.

Image credit: The Receptionists

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